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Success Stories

A Few Words From My Clients

I’m very impressed with Rose’s human capacity to embrace a high level of professionalism with a loving and compassionate sensitivity. Her intent, goals and objectives for her clients/patients are client centered.

Hypnosis Trainer and Published Author

A Few Words From My Clients

Helen Humphreys
Amazon Best Seller Author
The Unstoppable Dream 3:  The Journey Home

I had an amazing experience working with Rose, today. She made the entire hypnosis process so easy. I always felt very comfortable throughout the entire Hypnotherapy Session. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to open doors for themselves and to absolutely let go of anything that may be holding them back. By the end of just one session, I found myself in a blissful healed state. Thank you, Rose!

Sebastien Cervantes

As a seasoned professor of English and Creative Writing, I would only want to work with someone whom I thought was also seasoned and experienced in their area of  expertise. Rose Riojas is exactly that person. Having worked with her over several sessions, I’ve seen immense changes in my personal and professional life that I can directly tie back to the content that she has skillfully guided me through.


I came to explore and get a better handle on several issues related to anxiety and stress that came from a stubborn pattern of “people-pleasing” behavior that, while useful in helping others, often left me dissatisfied with my personal life. Rose listened to my various requests, issues, and goals for our sessions with a patient, gentle, and perceptive mind and heart. I felt at ease and unjudged in her presence. We quickly worked out a plan to get to the heart of the matter to find where my issues originated from and how to resolve them.


Within a session, I felt more at peace, clearer about what I wanted in life, and dead set on making the right steps in my life outside our session to do so. Since then, my life has only gotten better. I’m more my true authentic and outgoing self with everyone, I have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship, and my career is thriving. I owe Rose my deepest gratitude. She is a true professional, a relentless change-maker, and a powerful and positive soul. I cannot endorse and recommend her enough to everyone.

A Few Words From My Clients
Fantastic landscape purple pine forest mountain and blue stream, beauty nature scenery vie
Fantastic landscape purple pine forest mountain and blue stream, beauty nature scenery vie

Paloma R.
TV/Film Screenwriter/Producer  

My hypnotherapy sessions with Rose have been vital for my self-empowerment and peace. I've tried various therapies, but none have been as transformative as my sessions with Rose. Her compassion, expertise and intuitive nature make me feel so at ease during each individually tailored session. It helped me tap into more self-awareness, self-compassion, and optimism. Rose has a unique way of helping you connect with yourself more clearly and lovingly with her guidance and soothing energy. I am compelled to share this so that others can reap the remarkable benefits of hypnotherapy with Rose.

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Walt S.
VP Engineering


As a middle aged male going through multiple life problems, issues and anxiety causing stressors I needed help.  I tried traditional counseling and psychotherapy

with very little change.  I am a naturally skeptical person and I knew nothing about hypnotherapy and was hesitant to try it.  However, a golfing buddy told me about his experience with hypnotherapy and recommended Rose.

With nothing to lose I gave it a try...I had four sessions initially.  It worked wonders.  We worked on the root causes and issues related to my anxiety.  My anxiety is gone and every day I feel more at ease and at peace.  My outlook is now positive. I honestly feel like a new man who has a total new outlook on life.

Rose is very easy to be with…patient, professional and calm.  I really feel she has the best listening skills in anyone I have ever known. I recommend her to anyone that's experiencing any life challenges and want to experience deep level transformations.

A Few Words From My Clients
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